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My name is Sally Currie and along with my husband Braden, we are excited to share our story with you. Anaka offers luxury accommodation and all-inclusive holidays, retreats, events and everything in between design services.


We have lived in Lake Wanaka for over ten years, and continue to fall in love with the town, the community and the naturally beautiful surrounds known as Mount Aspiring National Park, offering a diverse multitude of adventures to cover all interests and levels. We focus solely on Lake Wanaka and centre most of our work around our portfolio of luxury lodges.


Over the years we have spent a good part of each year travelling the world. This is mainly because Braden has been a professional endurance athlete for most of his life and it has provided us as a family the opportunity to visit and enjoy many of the world’s most magical places.


We love new places, but we also love our home town which happens to be one of the best-rated places to visit in New Zealand, we love to share it with others and this was the inspiration behind the making of ANAKA and one of its core offerings - luxury all-inclusive holidays, retreats, events or a mix of them all.


When we travel we want to experience the best of each location and leave knowing we have made the most of our time there and enjoy everything it offers.


We also know first-hand that it is not always easy to know what, to do, and where to go in order to achieve that ultimate post-holiday satisfaction and the other limitation is not having the gear you might need when travelling to engage in the activities you most value.


Sally Currie


Sally’s passion is to create itineraries that will forever be remembered and treasured. Over the course of almost two decades, Sally has been embedded in the industry of health and wellness, adventure tourism and event management.


She has now chosen to put her vast and diverse range of skills and connections to service and assist her clients to create something special. 


Braden Currie


Braden Currie is one of the most respected names in the world of multi-sport, adventure racing and Ironman, he is a World Champion, endorsed by RedBull and a multitude of other global brands. Braden is currently ranked 6th in the world in long-distance triathlon and is one of the most consistent athletes on the planet.


A natural in the outdoors, across most disciplines, Braden enjoys hosting and guiding guests of Anaka in the outdoors whether it be mountaineering, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, boating, and fishing to mention a few. 

Braden Currie Co-Founder Owner Flying In Helicopter Lake Wanaka
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