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Wanaka encapsulates a thriving and creative foodie culture with an outstanding array of cafes, bars, restaurants, boutique food trucks, fine dining,  craft breweries, wineries and most importantly when it comes to Anaka's work in holiday, retreat and event design - private chefs and catering companies. The options are endless and we can pivot to ensure the right food tone and experience is set for you and your group from delicious plant-based to hearty organic and locally sourced meats to table decor, styling and designer cocktails! There is the option to self-cater or we can personally shop for you and you cook or we fully cater and provide an in-house chef or a mix of all of the above. The world is your oyster!

Image by Angelo Pantazis




Andy has been working in kitchens around the world for 20 years. He is highly experienced & skilled in many culinary styles, and in recent years has focused more and more on nutrition, fermentation, healing foods & growing organic herbs & vegetables.  Andy’s culinary experience is extremely varied - including work in Michelin kitchens, high-end catering operations, hotels, running restaurant & cafe kitchens, private dining, hosting unique foodie events, and teaching healthy food style cooking classes & workshops. Over the last few years, Andy has had a strong focus on expanding his knowledge of healing foods and developing his own unique dishes & products. His passion is sharing his food style, knowledge, and skills with others as well as providing a unique food experience. Andy’s menus are inspired by the changing seasons, with all dishes reflecting the freshest, most relevant available ingredients, while often incorporating an element of fermented or preserved food to boost nutrition and augment the flavor profile. In the kitchen, you will find Andy to be upbeat, creative and passionate, hard-working, and reliable, and loves making nourishing and delicious food in any kind of environment. Andy offers a personalized catering service exclusively to ANAKA clients. Contact us for more information. 

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