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Anaka's mission is to provide ever-memorable, life-changing experiences in the form of travel, luxury accommodation, holidays, events and wellness retreats. We offer all-inclusive packages designed specifically for groups of people and the individuals within that group. We hand-pick tried and tested 'ingredients' in the form of luxury villas, lodges and homes, private and secret locations around Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park, people and the services they offer such as massage, therapies, entertainment, stylists, chefs, pilots, yoga instructors, adventure guides and so much more.

Once we receive your brief, we handpick and collate the right ingredients to align with your values, interests and what it is you are seeking from your experience as well as that on an individual level for those within the group too. Our design team are passionate about curating the ultimate experience in Lake Wanaka and memories that will last you a lifetime. 

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We invite you to complete our short questionnaire as the first step toward your Anaka experience. Alternatively, simply drop us a line!

This will enable us to send you a proposal and estimate.

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