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Near the bottom of the habitable world is the breathtaking and pristine Ahuriri Valley. Carved over millions of years by the once fierce glacial waters of the Ahuriri River, the valley is now a tranquil, yet a comfortingly rugged slice of paradise in New Zealand’s South. And resting almost imperceptibly on the valley floor is The Lindis, our new and truly unique luxury lodge. 

Starting with an elegant wooden slatted roof paying direct homage to the contours of the earth below, the design of the building creates an undeniable sense of harmony between structure and land. A harmony that has diffused itself through everything we do at The Lindis. 

The interior of the building features beautiful Spotted Gum wooden panelling and imposing Bluestone masonry throughout, reflecting the tones and geography of the outside environment — with sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows blurring the barriers between the inside and outside worlds. The lodge features two spacious master suites, three luxurious lodge suites, three pods, our Great Hall for dining, a bar, lounge areas, a games room, and a billiards room, all finished in the same beautiful aesthetic and designed for the utmost comfort and luxury.

As a continuation, our kitchen is as harmoniously furnished as the rest of our property. Featuring unique and distinguished natural ingredients such as locally foraged porcini mushrooms, and wild Fiordland Venison, creating contemporary and refined dining experiences — matched with our amazing wine selections, dining with us truly is unforgettable. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the environment around us offers myriad ways to further engage. From angling in the Ahuriri River, to horse trekking around the expansive Ben Avon Station, The Lindis experience extends far beyond the threshold of our doors. And is entirely underpinned by our warm high country hospitality. 

At The Lindis we use nature as our weathervane, and so when we see the effortless perfection of our environment, we are implored to emulate it. And so that’s what we do.

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BEDS: 1 Californian King, 3 Super King (or split King singles), 1 Queen, 4 King Singles.



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